We produce Live Webcasts of your event at your venue or in our studio.  You (or your host) simply need to provide a stable wifi connection with ample upload bandwidth. 

We can also create a website with a link to your Webcast.  The site can go live weeks in advance to aid in your promotion of the event.  Then on the day of your event a button can redirect traffic to your Live High-Definition Webcast. 

Webcasting Re-defined

Webcasting is the most powerful and interactive approach to communicate to audiences anywhere in the world in a fast and efficient manner.  Webcasting allows you to stream, record, collaborate and manage your video content like never before. 

Webcasts are great for increasing the reach and value of your presentations.  They will help you to increase productivity by enabling simultaneous experience and learning while reducing travel costs and environmental impact.  Your webcast video assets gain new value when turned into an archived presentation for your audience to view later.  Wether they are customers, employees, or partners they will appreciate being able to easily access your program at a later date.

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