In addition to Cinematography and Photography I have a lot of other interests.  First and foremost I’m intrigued with relationship.  I think it is our greatest gift as well as our greatest opportunity.  This whole gift of life thing is way beyond my comprehension and I want to go on record saying to my creator: THANK YOU ! ! !   I’m confidant that if I were to choose only one miniscule specialized area of study that I would never run out of opportunity for discovery and awe.

    Some of my other favorite activities are: architectural design and construction, cooking and sharing food and drink, extreme sports, parenting (definitely the most rewarding, challenging, baffling and scariest of my interests), enjoying live music performed by singer / songwriters, piloting aircraft, sharing / exploring creative visions, writing screenplays and poetry.


I received my pilot’s license for fixed wing, single engine, land when I was 17 in a Cessna 150.

Thank you dad for the encouragement!

The plane that I most frequently flew after I got my license was the Piper Cherokee.

Another fun to fly Piper is the Tomahawk.

My all-time favorite thing to pilot is the a Robinson R22 with the doors off.  It the closest thing to my recurring dream of flight without machinery

My buddy Randy let me fly his Seneca a couple of times.  NOT as easy to land as the Cherokee!

In the search for feeling like a bird I tried three different ultralights.

Absolutely loved soaring in a

Schweitzer 2-32.

I haven’t yet flown the McDonnel Douglas MD 500E but I sure want too!

This page would not be complete without saying thanks to John Zachry and Jayson Boulet for allowing me to ride on John’s Cessna Citation Sovereign.