As you might imagine it takes a team to put together even a moderate video production project.  We are always interested in meeting and teaming up with crazy creative types. 

   If you want to dazzle us with your edgy editing, awesome audio, tight titles, flipped-out foley, serious special effects, vivacious voice-overs, or mind-blowing motion graphics... drop us a line, we want to see your best stuff.

   We own our own cameras, audio recording gear, and grip trailer.  Our grip trailer is stocked with a vast array of lighting and light modifiers, dollys, dolly track, jibs, booms, pan/tilt controllers, styling equipment and supplies, and various other grip tools.  It is designed to allow us to work fast and be very cost effective for our clients... and to make sure we have what we need when we need it to be spontaneously creative. 

   Above all we realize the most important legacy we leave behind is the legacy of our relationships.  We strive to treat our clients, vendors and employees as partners in our quest for creative bliss.

   Trust me, it is very fun!


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