In addition to Cinematography and Photography I have a lot of other interests.  First and foremost I’m intrigued with relationship.  I think it is our greatest gift as well as our greatest opportunity.  This whole gift of life thing is way beyond my comprehension and I want to go on record saying to my creator: THANK YOU ! ! !   I’m confidant that if I were to choose only one miniscule specialized area of study that I would never run out of opportunity for discovery and awe.

    Some of my other favorite activities are: architectural design and construction, cooking and sharing food and drink, extreme sports, parenting (definitely the most rewarding, challenging, baffling and scariest of my interests), enjoying live music performed by singer / songwriters, piloting aircraft, sharing / exploring creative visions, writing screenplays and poetry.


    If you have a creative idea for something cool to make, contact me.  You may be able to talk me into participating.  The more outside the box the better.  Creative partnerships are my very favorite experience!